Hello folks! I’m Nupur Saini, just another travel fanatic entering into the blogging world.
Well I’ve been thinking of starting a blog since quite a long time but the only thought that stopped me from doing so was “whether I would really be able to write blogs?, and then the other thing is if you’re writing a travel blog then you should have travelled to at least a couple of countries or else as many as possible, but then I’m a person who had never got a chance to step out from my beautiful country India”.. but then is it really mandatory to write about different countries when you have a lot of nooks to be explored in your own country..?? Well I guess “NO” and this made me think alot and that is why the blog has been named “ExploreTheNooks”.
So just to break this notion, finally I’m up with my blog where I’m gonna explore my beautiful country India in different ways.. sometimes I’ll try to jot it down in an article and sometimes with simple and beautiful photostories.
The header menu should help you find posts from each of the Indian state that I’ve been to.
And the thing which is going to set my blog apart from other blogs is the photography, where people use fancy SLR’s and DSLR’s I’m gonna use “MobilePhotography”, as its easy to carry a mobile rather than those fancy and heavy dslr’s.
Now enough about me and my blog, time to get started and lets explore and understand India in a better way (till the time my bank account who laughs at me and doesn’t allow me to travel abroad :D).

And do comment to say hi or if you liked some post. I would love to listen to your opinions and stories if you’re a fellow traveller.

You can get in touch with me at nupur.saini05@gmail.com


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