MAJNU-KA-TILLA: A lesser known Tibetan refugee colony in Delhi


Majnu ka Tilla, as the name might just suggest, ain’t any lovers corner from Delhi. Majnu ka Tilla or popularly known as MKT is Delhi’s own little Tibet. It’s a small Tibetan refugee colony in Delhi, located just a few kilometers away from the North campus of Delhi University.

After His Holiness the Dalai Lama escaped from Chinese communist rule in Tibet in 1959, Delhi became home to a handful of refugee enclaves like Monastery Market. The place is famous for it’s monastry and authentic Tibetan food. It looks like a smaller version of Dharamshala with all the prayer flags, photos of His Holiness and a beautiful monastry in the centre of the colony. You could also see small shops selling Tibetan souvenirs and silver jewellery, cute little cafes and restaurants serving lip smacking and amazing Tibetan food.

After crossing the bridge and entering through a small gate under ‘lohe ka pul’ once you step into the narrow lanes of this colony, you’d feel you’ve stepped into a world far away from the urban chaos of the city, a pale but definite shadow of Tibet. Cluster buildings make the narrow alley so dark as if the sun rays never makes it here.


After entering the colony you would see shops selling up-to-date fashioned clothes, leather boots, leather jackets, Traditional tibetan dresses, the market is especially famous for its woolen products like shawls, stoles, sweaters and jackets which are of genuine quality but at affordable prices and the Tibetan souveniers like the Thangka paintings, lanterns, statues.After reaching the courtyard you can see Tibetan ladies in their traditional attire selling momos and laping (a spicy cold mung bean noodle dish in Tibetan cuisine), old people sitting on the streets playing cards, youngsters dressed up from head to toe spinning the prayer wheels and the smell of Tibetan street food lingering in the background.


Laaphing– a mysterious and super spicy Tibetan street food

IMG_4294A women preparing Laaphing

There are two Buddhist temples in the courtyard and shops selling ‘free tibet’ merchandise, player flags and prayer wheels.



As you carry on ahead, you see the place is filled with cafes and travel agencies, and you could listen to a soothing music playing in the cafes which is again different.


mkt Ama Cafe in Majnu ka Tilla

Over the years this little area has transformed into a space that predominantly attracts student population as its undoubtedly easy on the pocket but yet it is a mysterious place for many, even though many people cross this area everyday but not everyone knows about that here lies a hidden gem of peace and calmness in the bustling city of Delhi.

Dimsums or momos as it’s popularly known as are divine here. The chefs at the restaurants here surely know the art of making delicious momos. The amazing flavours and distinctive taste immediately transports you to the north east.

So if you ever plan to visit Delhi or happen to cross this area, do make it a point to visit this cute little refugee colony because it’s an experience you cannot miss.

Thanks for reading.



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