Little About My Travel Diary

Hi readers,

Welcome to my first blogpost 🙂

“The world is a book, and those who don’t travel only read one page”

-Saint Augustine

These very lines inspired me to travel and to create a blog of my own, as the lines aptly represents spirit of those with itchy feet and a wanderlust in you. Since this is the first blogpost, I’d like to first and foremost talk about the misconception people have about a ‘typical travel blogger’ (some of whom are surely my inspirations, no doubt). For a travel lover, there’s no better job in the world than travel blogging, but there are a lot of misconceptions people have about the job and what it entails. Of course there are! Few bloggers are actually turning their blogs into a business these days, so most people have no idea what is involved in the life of a travel blogger.

In a layman’s language what I believe, a travel blogging is just another fancy job where you get to travel and explore different places domestic and international for free and you write about your experience. Well, to an extent which is true, but that’s not just what travel blogging is all about. There are people who don’t start their blogs just with the intention to make money and go on fully sponsored trips, but they use this platform to share their trip experience with people so they could help people in organizing their trips, and I’m one of them, but then of course who would say NO to such perks like going on a fully sponsored trip (well I would not…lol). So, like I have already mentioned in the ‘ABOUT ME’ section of my blog, I’m just here-another blogger yet not just any other trying to show how my love for travelling has driven me to the ‘insanity’ of publishing it.

blog pic

The desire to explore new locals, experiencing different cultures and the lifestyle of people and to find solace in discovering the beauty of nature is what keeps the wanderlust in me asking for more. I am sure that all of us have created our bucket list and wish to visit those exotic places once in our lifetime, well I created one too, few places are down the bucket list, whereas few are still to be explored.

In India, when we have a good amount of money to spend on vacation people generally prefer going to abroad forgetting that India is one of the “World’s most culturally rich” country with the fascinating monuments and heritage sites in the country which stand quietly today to retell their story of joy, sorrow, courage and sacrifice. Each of the story is so enchanting and singular that you will be left asking for more at the end of each narration. But we forget about the rich heritage, architecture that our nation has in store for us, and that there’s a lot to discover in our own country.

Well I’ve visited quite a few places in North and South of India sometimes with friends, sometimes with my family but never really got a chance of going solivagant but with start up of this blog and the travel junkie in me would surely open up a new way for me and give me confidence to travel alone and admire the beauty of the nature. Even after travelling to a lot of places I never really thought of penning them down, since now I’ve decided to do that so let me take you all on a journey through my blog.

So here I’ll be posting about the places I’ve been to and the new places I’ll be visiting. Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading.

Happy travelling.


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